*To every good thought, there is typically a lame introduction.
*Likewise, every good motive, initially doubted.

Contrary to that, however, my motive here is still…unclear.
Perhaps, just getting reacquainted with my first passion.
Literacy. My own.

I’ve always displayed a force of deep, *gasp* inducing, verbal dictation.

As a young girl, I enjoyed writing.
I suppose for the reason I stated above; “To every good thought, there is typically a lame introduction.”

Where pen meets paper, you are not hesitated by the observed body cues of one who hears you.
Where pen meets paper, there is no delay, caused by interruption of opinion.

I recall leaving many scratching their heads. “Did she just say that?”
I learned to zip it, as to not create conflict with my young, yet strong opinions.

Stating your stance, thoughts, and ideas can be difficult.
We live in a time where almost no one agrees, on anything.
Everyone gets offended.
Worse yet, our voices are being silenced by the Government under which we were once, “protected.”

However, all alike, we have history. A story called “Your life.”
And believe it or not, Mr or Mrs. Liberal, your Conservative neighbor or co-worker has more in common with you than you may like to believe.
And Visa Versa.

So, let’s get moving along.
Who am I?
On an short introduction level,
(Well shoot, if that’s not a difficult one to dig into).

I’m Karina.

Within me is a story, my life, a novel.
The individual I am today is strong and courageous. The individual I once was felt defeated, scared, and alone. (Dang Im glad it gets better!)
I’m a boiling pot of emotions.
Almost always in deep thought.
By appearance, one might see a pretty girl with superficial tendencies.
I walk with confidence and carry myself in a mirrored fashion.
One might mistake me as arrogant. I don’t make these acknowledgements with a single ounce of worry or insecurity. The basic understanding of human predisposition applies here.

I am, contrary to the belief of those who may know me, quite guarded.
To be guarded, I believe, is induced by situations of the past.
It’s good to be guarded, of some sort. No one receives a Medal of Honor without earning it.
Why put the complexity of who you are out there for everyone to see?
After all, mystery novels never start with the conclusion.

For those who have interest, I will share my insights on an array of topics.
I will share my experiences.
And maybe, I will piece together a bit of the novel I’d call, “My Life.”

Now more than ever our world is changing faster than we can get a solid grip.
Everyone has an opinion, however, not everyone has found their voice.

Here, I will make myself heard.